A particle is projected at an angle of projection alpha and after time t seconds it appears to have a an angle of Beta with the horizontal. the intital velocity is:

15-Oct-2015 11:40 PM

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Since there is no friction, the horizontal component of velocity will not change throught the process.

so let initial velcity be u.

then horizontal component = u cos α 

After time t, let velocity be v.

Now, its horizontal compnent will be v cos ß.

Since vertical velocity remains same, we get :

u cos α  =   v cos ß

u = v cos ß/ cos α

we have to find v.

applying linear acceleration vertically.
Initial vertical velocity: u sin α
Final vertical velocity =  v sin ß
v sin ß = u sin α + a * t
v =  (u sin α + a * t)/sin ß

Substitute this v in `u = v cos ß/ cos α ` and simplify. 

16-10-2015 20:35

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