How to crack IIT in 10 minutes ?

12-Sep-2015 10:30 PM

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How to crack IIT in 10 minutes?? I am serious

As we all know IIT is the most prestigious engineering college in India. Every engineering aspirant wants to enter into it. Every Indian parent admits their child in the prestigious coaching institutes so that they can crack the same.

After admission students work very hard in the first 2-3 month but after that many students lose their inspiration, motivation and zeal to crack it and they just go out of track. I can bet if any aspirant would work hard with the same effort that they were putting in their initial months, they can clear the exam. So the most important thing is to work in a right direction with right strategy and with great effort and commitment.

I would like to take your 10 minutes. These 10 minutes will help you to regain inspiration, motivation and zeal to crack it. 

Even without considering huge job packages IIT campus life is awesome and trust me you won't get life like IITIANS at any other engineering colleges. IITs are so big. It has everything that you require in your daily life. If you want to spend your whole 4 years of life inside the IIT without outer interaction you can easily do so. You won't need to go outside the college. It has everything like every single sport facilities from cricket to swimming pools, every hostel has a canteen which opens till 4 am (sab kuch khaane ko milta h :) sab kuchh ) and even T.V room where you can watch everything from Taarak Mehta ka ulta Chasma to Cricket match. There are private colleges (in large numbers) in India whose total area is not even more than a single hostel of an IIT (I am again serious). Celebrations, competitions and activities ranging from sports to technical to cultural are integral part of IITs. Opening and closing nights of all festivals are among best nights at IITs. You can enjoy live performance of your favorite singer or favorite music band. Every single competition is organized with great level of enthusiasm which makes it very enjoyable.

Even life outside the campus for IITians becomes enjoyable. If you are an IITIAN then every girl’s parent or boy’s parent and society will see you as a source of inspiration (good one for boys :P ) 

Imagination of this beautiful life is strong enough to force you to prepare harder to crack it. But nowadays every single student invest (ooppsss !!!) or waste their time in social media stuffs. Don't do this. Just think “abhi facebook account mein jitne friends hain na utne likes aayenge” but only after you became an IITIAN. Now if you poke any girls saying Hi with three smileys then there is a very little chance of getting positive reply, but imagine when you would be an IITIAN those same girl would poke you the same way and they would love to get positive reply from you. So friend 2 saal sab mohmaaya chor ke padhayi kar lo.

You are preparing for IIT and your parent badly want it. So imagine that day when your result would come and your best friend would clear it and you couldn't make it. Seriously think about it. “ Tumhe us din kaisa lagega??". Work hard and don't make your result day a black one. Just think about the day when you will call your parent and say "papa, ho gya, aapka beta iitian ban gaya". Try to imagine that feeling of happiness. bas us feeling ke liye work hard my friend, apne parents ki us awesome khushi ke liye. After clearing JEE you will be in every newspaper and yeaah a sort of celebrity apparently :D :P!! So just don’t focus on a small goal or khushi like ghumna, doston k saath unproductive baatein karna, spending time on social media etc . If you won't do this during your preparing phase then trust me you will get full 4 years in IIT to do so and life would be awesome after graduating from IIT. So go for permanent happiness.

One awesome phrase-

Thodi si khushi,thodi si masti ,

Aur zindagi bhar gham!

Thodi si mehnat,thodi si kurbaani,

Aur zindagi bhar khush rahenge hum!!

I know you can't crack IIT in 10 minutes but whenever you feel demotivated read this crappy blog and sit and think for 10 minutes. You will for sure regain inspiration, motivation and zeal to prepare and if you work hard for continuously 2 years then I bet you can and you will.

Koi Insaan hi nikalta na?? Why cannot I? So never ever think "I can't do”. Always think “I can do and I will". You will see how easy the journey is!!

Hope you will make this a great journey.

Source : http://eduflip.in/articles/view/how-to-crack-iit-in-10-minutes (BY-ANURAG ANAND) 

12-09-2015 22:34


Even a earthquake is not capable of cracking IIT in 10 min, Who the hell are you ?:P :P

30-09-2015 01:13

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