Angle between the curves at their point of intersection?

What is the angle between the curves xy = 2 and y2 = 4x at their point of intersection?

06-Sep-2015 8:07 PM

Answers (1)


To find angle between 2 curves, find the angle between the tangent drawn in those two curves at the point of their intersection.

Follow these steps:

1. Solve equation 1 and 2 and calculate their point of intersection.

2. Differentiate eq1 and eq2 wrt y 

3. Find the slopes (m1 and m2)  by substituting intersect point from step 1 to the slope equation from step 2

4. Find the Angle by substituting slope values in Formula tan(θ) = (m1-m2)/(1+(m1.m2)) ∀ m1>m2 

13-09-2015 19:14

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