if the pair of straight lines a square + 2 X square + b square is equal to zero is rotated about the origin through 90 degree, the the equations in the new positions will be

17-Nov-2017 8:29 AM

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I hope your question was ax2+2hxy+by2 is rotated by 900 about origin and after rotation what should be it's new equation.

to solve this question you must be aware of shifting of origin which says if the function is rotated by angle A then let it's new axis be X and Y such that

X=xcosA - ysinA

Y=xsinA + ycosA

putting A=900

X=-y    &    Y=x

now in the equation of pair of straight line replace x by Y and y by -X you will get

aY2 - 2hXY + bX2

hence the new equation is ay2-2hxy+bx2

hope I answered your question

feel free to ask any doubt related to this..... 

23-12-2017 17:11

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